Extensive experience in auditing, assurance, taxation and corporate finance, means we can assist and advise you on the
full range of your business needs while also ensuring that all statutory requirements are complied with.

We approach each annual audit not only as a statutory obligation but as an opportunity to add value to your business. Audits performed by BFCD, all of which are partner-led, will look beyond the basic task of reporting on your financial position to the potential for evaluating performance and identifying the business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Our tax department, provides a comprehensive range of personal and corporate tax services under all tax headings. These services range from routine compliance matters to more extensive tax planning services that maximise the benefit to businesses and individuals.

We provide the full suite of company secretarial services. They are tailored to the individual requirements of each client ensuring that the company adheres to the legal and administrative requirements imposed by the Companies Acts, the Registrar of Companies, the Revenue Commissioners and the Director of Corporate Enforcement.

We provide a range of corporate finance services to our diverse client base to assist them in:

This service facilitates our clients to outsource part or all of their accounting and payroll function to our office. We also provide this service at our clients’ premises if desired. Moving this task to BFCD results in our clients not only saving on the costs and responsibilities associated with in-house accounting personnel but allows them the freedom to focus on their core business. As part of this service we can provide our clients with monthly or quarterly management accounts.